Big changes are taking place in our industry - global warming, greenhouse gasses and carbon footprint are not just headlines - they are concerns that are driving change in everyday technology, revolutionizing the electrical industry.

As this new technology gathers momentum, Bristol stays ahead of the curve by researching and implementing the latest in energy saving technologies. From designing retrofit commercial / industrial lighting systems and energy-smart offices to complete building / plant energy management systems, green technology is familiar ground to us.

Bristol is proud to help clients meet qualifications for rebates, tax incentives, and funding from either the local Hydro Utilities / Government or the Federal Government through Natural Resources Canada. Talk to us to find out if we can help your business qualify through energy-efficient technology.

Green technology often translates into huge savings on electricity, enough to pay for the entire project over the long-run. Add to that any incentives that may be in place for your implementation and it becomes a lot easier to save the planet, and money too.

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