N-Link - Refer to Fuse Link, Type N.

NEMA - National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

Neutral - That conductor (when one exists) of a polyphase (multi-phase) circuit or single-phase, 3-wire circuit which is intended to have a voltage such that the voltage differences between it and each of the other conductors are approximately equal in magnitude and are equally spaced in phase, or the junction point of the legs in a Wye circuit.

Neutral Grounding Resistor - A grounding device, the principal element of which is resistance, which is used to connect the neutral point of the transformer to earth.

Noncombustible Construction - That type of construction in which a degree of fire safety is attained by the use of noncombustible materials for structural members and other building assemblies.

Non-Incendive Circuit - A circuit in which any spark or thermal effect that may occur under normal operating conditions or due to opening, shorting, or grounding of field wiring, is incapable of causing an ignition of the prescribed flammable gas or vapour.

Nonmetallic Conduit - see definition for Conduit.

Non-Relocatable Structure - A factory-built unit for use on permanent foundations.

Nonventilated Cable Tray - see definition for Cable Tray.

Normal Duty - A classifying current category for distribution equipment.

Source: Canadian Electrical Code and National Electrical Code
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