kVA - The kVA, or Kilovolt-ampere, output rating designates the output which a transformer can deliver for a specified time at rated secondary voltage and rate frequency without exceeding the specified temperature rise (1 kVA = 1000 VA).

Kvar - A term used to express the power rating of a capacitor. KiloVolt Ampere Reactance, expressed by the following formula...

  • Kvar = [2 x pi x f x c x kV x kV]/1000
    pi = 3.14159
    f = frequency (hertz)
    c = capacitance (in microfarads)
    kV = kilovolt

kW - Kilowatts. Real power delivered to a load (W x 1,000 VA).

Source: Canadian Electrical Code and National Electrical Code
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